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Belgrade to Host Expo 2027: A Celebration of Play, Sport, and Music

From May 15 to August 15, 2027, Belgrade will transform into a vibrant hub for global cultural exchange as it hosts the Specialized Expo 2027. Under the theme “Play for Humanity – Sport and Music for All,” the expo will unfold over 92 days, showcasing a diverse array of programs, including foreign pavilions, thematic weeks, and national day celebrations from over 120 participating countries.

Serbia aims to spotlight the critical role of play in both personal development and social integration through the Expo’s dynamic agenda. “Play is a pivotal aspect of our existence, enhancing our capacities in science, technology, and the arts while fostering discovery,” noted Dušan Borovčanin, director of EXPO 2027 d.o.o. The event’s central theme challenges each participating country to explore and present the transformative power of play and creativity in their societies.

The Expo 2027 promises to be a dynamic platform for fostering international dialogue and cooperation. It intends to engage visitors through interactive exhibits and participatory activities, emphasizing the theme’s relevance to fostering community and stimulating innovation. “We are eager to see how different cultures interpret the theme of play, providing insights into their unique perspectives and traditions,” Borovčanin added.

As Serbia prepares for this significant event, the first of its kind in the Western Balkans, the Expo is expected to leave a lasting impression on both the region and its international visitors, promoting a deeper understanding of global cultures and the universal language of play.

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