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Maribor to Host New State-of-the-Art Data Centre and Supercomputer by 2026

Maribor is set to enhance its position as a tech hub with the construction of a sophisticated data centre and one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers, announced for completion in 2026

The development, which comes five years after Slovenia’s mightiest supercomputer was inaugurated in the city, will be strategically located next to DEM’s headquarters, a state enterprise managing hydroelectric stations along the Drava River.

The site, chosen for its existing infrastructure, was facilitated by a land sale from DEM to the state. DEM’s director general, Damjan Seme, highlighted during the project presentation with Prime Minister Robert Golob on June 4, that preparatory work is slated to begin by year’s end following a recent call for the establishment of the centre.

Prime Minister Golob underscored the potential for synergies and expansion of computing and data capabilities in Slovenia. The project is supported by €50 million in EU grants, matched by state funds, positioning Maribor to become a global player in artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, discussions between the government and DEM have explored exporting Slovenia’s expertise in water management globally.

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