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Business Stories

Milica Uraz, CEO, Steel Impex

Transform Waste into a Valuable Resource

Thanks to constant innovations and work to improve quality over the past 15 years, Steel Impex has...

Nemanja Drobnjak, COO of CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group

Expanding Real Estate’s Golden Age

As a regional leader in the real estate sector, CBS International has been strengthening its presence in Central Europe since last October’s opening of...


Longstanding Regional Business Practices

Henkel has been present in our region for decades, with operations in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. It has production sites in...

Nicolas Marquier, Regional Manager for the Western Balkans at the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

ESG also Vital for Banking

As part of the upcoming ESG Adria Summit, the IFC is organising a capacity building event for banking associations from the Western Balkans intended...

Ivan Bulatović, CEO, Electric Power Company of Montenegro

Focus on Capital Projects

Here we discuss planned investments, the construction of new energy facilities that are primarily based on renewables, the modernisation of existing production facilities, and...


The Store of the Future

Having successfully operated the duty-free stores in the airport since 2006, new contract signifies more than just the extension of a business agreement; it...

Petr Hermann, President of the Schneider Electric cluster for Southeast Europe

Making an Impact

We discussed digitalisation and the modernisation of energy infrastructure, software being developed by the company’s Serbian team in Novi Sad, the building of the...

Milica Obrenović, Senior Specialist for Operational Risk and Internal Control at Addiko Bank

ESG Strategy Implemented Consistently

The concept of sustainable operations should penetrate all structures of a company, which in the case of Addiko Bank is confirmed by initiatives which...

Chad Blewitt, Acting Managing Director of Rio Tinto’s Jadar Project

Mining’s Role in Europe’s Sustainable Future

Chad Blewitt is the acting managing director of Rio Tinto’s Jadar Project, which is regarded as being among the most significant lithium deposits in...


Smart Traffic Solutions for Client Full Satisfaction

From the Belgrade Waterfront to Kotor “on the water”, ElcomBgd implements effective solutions of adaptive traffic management that prove successful at easing and quickly...

Nina Lakičević, Director of the Tourist Organisation of Tivat

Tivat Lives Year-Round

We have a good foundation when it comes to preparing for the season ahead. Preparations are underway for a rich calendar of events, through...

Dun & Bradstreet ESG Intelligence

Your Major Competitive Advantage

It is today unacceptable to maintain business relations with a company that has unethical practices, violates human rights or doesn’t respect environmental protection standards....

Dragan Vlahović and Jefimija Pavićević, Zeta Energy Danilovgrad

The Future Belongs to Green Projects

We are currently considering popular green projects and searching for projects related to the reconstruction of existing hydroelectric power plants or the construction of...

Mihailo Vukić, Owner, Allegra Cruises

Your next Cruise is just a Click away!

For booking Royal Caribbean cruises, a unique website adapted to the countries of the Region has been created. Thus, the long-standing successful cooperation between...

Prokopije Perić, CEO, Plus d.o.o. Podgorica

Confident in its Leading Position

We have always endeavored to diversify our business into as many categories as possible, in order for the stability of the company to be...

Ana Bajagić, Marketing & Pr Manager, Balkan Area, EPSON

Pushing The Boundaries Of Technology