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Business Stories

Živko Mukaetov, CEO/MB President of Alkaloid AD Skopje

Our Brands are Part of People’s Lives

Here we discuss a tradition dating back almost nine decades, brands built by generations of employees, investments...

Jelena Doderović, Marketing and Communications Director, Idea CG

Inside Idea-CG’s Market Leadership

We consistently track market trends and refine our offers based on consumer feedback,” says Jelena Doderović, underscoring the commitment of employees who approach their...

Ananas E-Commerce

Rapid Growth Continuing

Ananas currently operates in Serbia and North Macedonia, while it plans to expand into Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the third quarter of...

Liliana Lapadatoni- Huluta, CEO, Marsh McLennan Adria

Clients Always Deserve the Best!

Liliana Lapadatoni Huluta will next year celebrate two full decades at Marsh McLennan. The Romanian team had just 20 members when she first joined,...

Branko Torbica, Elnos Group Vice President

Changing the Green Game

Elnos Group is revolutionising the renewable energy sector, proving that remarkable achievements can be achieved even in the most challenging environments. Speaking in this...

Mark Harrison, Founder & Principal, Harrisons

Understanding Client Objectives is Key

As the only English Solicitor practicing in Serbia and Montenegro, and the first European Lawyer to be registered with the Serbian Bar, Mark Harrison...

Ostoja Mijailović, President of OMR Group

E-mobility at the Core of Business

Ostoja Mijailović launched his own business at the age of just 22 and today owns a system of companies that operate successfully in Serbia...

Rade Samčević, Founder and Director, HT Agency

Achieving European Quality

Rade Samčević has spent the past 15 years as the driving force behind HT Agency, leading the way in the hospitality industry. His journey,...

Aleksandra Đurđević, Delta Auto Group General Manager & Vice President of Delta Holding

Delta Auto Leads the Shift to Electric Luxury

A deep commitment to innovation and strategic growth has marked Aleksandra Đurđević’s tenure at Delta Auto. Since joining the company, she has been pivotal...

Nelt Group

A Pillar of Regional Business Success and Sustainable Operations

Nelt Group is one of the most successful regional groups in the logistics and distribution of consumer goods, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. Its...

Jorge Araya, BAT SEE Area Director

BAT’s Business Transformation Success in Serbia

Overseeing operations across 13 countries from his base in Bucharest, Araya underscores the pivotal role Serbia plays within BAT’s global framework. From substantial investments...

Maud Truchi, Founder and CEO Maslina

Raising Luxury Travel Standards

Maud Truchi is an entrepreneur who has merged her experiences in banking, luxury goods, wine, investments and tourism to create the five-star Maslina Resort,...

Dina Serdarušić, COO, Eurovilla Luxury Real Estate Agency

Eurovilla’s Path to Real Estate Success

In an insightful interview, Dina Serdarušić, COO of Eurovilla Luxury Real Estate Agency, shares the company’s journey from a small family business in 2002...

Prokopije Perić, CEO, Plus d.o.o. Podgorica

First Place is Not Relinquished

As Montenegro’s peak tourist season fast approaches, and is set to be particularly significant for this company due to the launch of a new...

Milica Uraz, CEO, Steel Impex

Transform Waste into a Valuable Resource

Thanks to constant innovations and work to improve quality over the past 15 years, Steel Impex has become the leader of Serbia’s waste recycling...

Nemanja Drobnjak, COO of CBS International

Expanding Real Estate’s Golden Age