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Slovenia Dominates Investment Attractiveness in the Adriatic Region

Slovenia has been ranked as the most attractive destination for investors in the Adriatic region, per the latest report from the Milken Institute

In the latest findings from the California-based Milken Institute, Slovenia emerges as the most attractive destination for investments in the Balkan region. The report, which scrutinizes the global investment climate through a multifaceted lens of economic, financial, institutional, and regulatory factors, places Slovenia at the forefront, followed by Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, with Bosnia and Herzegovina trailing at the bottom among the Adria region countries. 

The comprehensive index utilized by the Milken Institute encompasses 100 indicators spread across five distinct categories: business perception, economic fundamentals, financial services, institutional framework, and international standards and policy. Slovenia’s prime position at 26th globally underscores its robust business environment and regulatory standards. Meanwhile, Montenegro and North Macedonia occupy the 50th and 54th spots respectively, with Serbia and Croatia ranking closely behind, and Bosnia and Herzegovina languishing at 94th place.

This regional analysis reveals a broader trend where four of the top five global investment destinations are European countries, highlighting the continent’s economic stability and investment potential. Leading the global list is Denmark, praised for its business-friendly environment and regulatory excellence, followed by Sweden, Finland, the USA, and the UK. These findings not only spotlight the dynamic investment landscape in Europe but also delineate the varying degrees of economic attractiveness across the Balkan states.

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