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Mayweather Sets Sights on Montenegrin Shores for Investment

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is eyeing investment opportunities in Budva, Montenegro, aiming to expand his portfolio into the hotel, tourism, and real estate sectors

In a striking turn from the boxing ring to the boardroom, Floyd Mayweather, the pugilistic virtuoso with an unblemished record, has cast his financial gaze towards the scenic vistas of Budva, Montenegro. According to a recent discussion with “Vijesti,” Mayweather, inspired by the longstanding recommendations of his acquaintances, Jakov Zorja and Haim Mizrahi, is exploring substantial investments in the local hotel, tourism, and real estate sectors.

Nestled along the Adriatic coast, Budva is renowned for its medieval architecture, sun-soaked beaches, and vibrant nightlife, making it a jewel in Montenegro’s touristic crown. Mayweather’s interest in the area marks a significant shift in the town’s economic narrative, potentially heralding a new era of upscale developments and international appeal.

The retired boxer, whose career spanned over two decades, culminating in an unassailable 50-0 record and 15 world championships across five weight classes, is no stranger to success. Now, it seems, Mayweather is keen to transpose his winning streak from the combative confines of the ring to the competitive arena of international real estate and tourism.

In his conversation with “Vijesti,” Mayweather effused about the region’s allure, citing the exceptional beauty of Montenegro, the congeniality of its people, and the enticing local atmosphere as key motivators for his investment decision. With his track record of success and a keen eye for opportunity, Mayweather’s venture into Montenegrin real estate and hospitality could well be a knockout move in the global business sphere.

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