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Smart Traffic Solutions for Client Full Satisfaction

ElcomBgd pays equal attention to each client and approaches them systematicity, because the right to mobility belongs to everyone, and problem of traffic is equally large even in small towns, having a significant impact on the efficiency of the local economy and quality of life

From the Belgrade Waterfront to Kotor “on the water”, ElcomBgd implements effective solutions of adaptive traffic management that prove successful at easing and quickly overcoming critical traffic conditions during temporary shortages of traffic network capacity.

A high level of congestion on urban networks represents a major challenge for the traffic management profession. A traditional engineering approach to traffic management – based on inflexible mathematical models, algorithms, and historical traffic flow statistics – has proven itself to be inefficient during periods of extreme traffic demand. The huge potential of advanced Information and Communication Technologies, operationalised through smart systems of adaptive traffic management, represents the only realistic option for dealing more effectively with this issue.

At the core of advanced traffic management are sophisticated software tools that process huge amounts of traffic demand data thoroughly detected in real time. Those data are processed within the framework of advanced mathematical models, with the application of various artificial intelligence techniques, providing a high-quality prediction of traffic demands in subsequent periods lasting several minutes. The system thereby reacts in a timely fashion, with high reliability, and efficiently resolves or mitigates critical capacity situations that are already occurring or appears soon.

An important component of strong clientoriented approach is comprehensive, and permanent remote access to each traffic light implemented, and providing client with practical tools for a detailed analysis of traffic process and easy checking of system efficiency

ElcomBgd actively follows and implements contemporary traffic control strategies, within creative collaboration with partners – renowned global providers of system software solutions (PTV, SWARCO, Schlothauer & Wauer, etc.), and with participation of researchers from the global academic community. Within the scope of its own research and development framework, the company develops creative solutions that improve commercially available solutions and adapts them better to the specific traffic problems of clients in Serbia and across the Adria Region.

An important part of client-oriented approach is comprehensive, direct, and permanent remote access to each traffic light on the ground, provided to the technical team of ElcomBgd and, in a selective form, to the client’s responsible competent individuals. This is intended to ensure all hardware components of the system are working properly and to control the way the traffic system functions every second, in real time, archived for offline analysis, as well as taking essential corrective actions for improvement of system operation in emergency situations.

Special importance is given to the high-quality evaluating of relevant management results through developing analytical tools for analysis of the traffic process performance (Measures of Effectiveness) in real time, or historically. They are equally important to solution creators during its fine tuning, and to clients for evaluating the efficiency of the investment made and, subsequently, for the long-term monitoring of the quality of service provided to final users. ∙

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