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The Region vol. 2

Branimir Jovanović, Economist at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw)

Enabling Green Transition in the Balkans

It’s easy to feel despondent when thinking about the green transition in the Balkans. The energy required to generate one dollar of GDP is...

Jakov Milatović, President of Montenegro

Montenegro to Join the EU by 2028

What we want from the EU Growth Plan is for it to help us accelerate our socioeconomic convergence with the Union. We believe that...

Countries Overview 2024


Committed to the Struggle for a Green Future

On the one hand, the country almost exclusively uses hydropower and virtually no gas, yet it has no recycling programmes whatsoever. It has the...

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Clean Air is the Main Goal

The awareness of the population has since evolved significantly, although the people still fail to recognise most of the benefits of energy efficiency, primarily...


Implementing All EU Directives Consistently

In following EU directives, Croatia tailored its development strategies to the principles of sustainability, while also placing an emphasis on tangible measures with which...


Pioneering the Use of Solar Energy for Heating

Kosovo’s aspiration to apply ESG pillars, despite being at an early stage, is considered a strategically sound decision, because respecting these principles brings additional...


Respecting ESG Standards Accelerates EU Accession

Pursuing the Green Agenda is among Montenegro’s priorities in the EU accession process, because the state leadership believes sincerely that implementing standards related to...

North Macedonia

Supporting Investments in Renewables

It was with this in mind that it adopted the National Sustainable Development Strategy in 2020, the aim of which is to promote social,...


Targeting the Doubling of Solar Power Production

The Climate Strategy envisages Slovenia becoming a society based on sustainable development by 2050, which is why it is striving to efficiently manage energy...