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Pioneering the Use of Solar Energy for Heating

Despite not being a signatory to the majority of international agreements on climate change, green energy and sustainable business, Kosovo has recognised the importance of these concepts in its efforts to join the EU.

Kosovo’s aspiration to apply ESG pillars, despite being at an early stage, is considered a strategically sound decision, because respecting these principles brings additional investment, environmental and social progress and an enhanced global reputation. Apart from the implementation of ESG principles helping Kosovo position itself as an attractive destination for responsible investments, it also enables the proactive overcoming of environmental and social challenges and the problems of environmental pollution, encouraging investments in energy efficiency, promoting social inclusion etc.

With its new energy strategy for the 2022-2031 period, Kosovo has committed itself to providing reliable energy supplies, clean solutions and affordable prices for the development of the economy and the wellbeing of citizens. That’s why Kosovo is considered a pioneer in the use of solar energy for district heating, with a planned 50 MW solar power plant in Pristina that should cover the heating needs of approximately 38,000 people.

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