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Committed to the Struggle for a Green Future

Albania is a country of many contradictions, one of which relates to its approach to climate change, sustainability and green policies.

On the one hand, the country almost exclusively uses hydropower and virtually no gas, yet it has no recycling programmes whatsoever. It has the fewest cars per capita in Europe, while at the same time needs to exert efforts to encourage citizens to switch from using wood and electric heaters to central heating.

Producing electricity with zero emissions enables Albania to work on the decarbonisation of other sectors, and the country is working increasingly to implement measures to improve its green policies as it approaches EU membership.

An aerial shot of the Valbona Valley National Park with reflecting waters in Albania

Albania’s commitment to sustainable energy became even more pronounced following the late 2021 adoption of its National Energy and Climate Plan, thanks to which significant progress has been achieved, as reflected in the prioritising of renewable energy sources, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the encouraging of regional cooperation in pursuing a greener future.

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