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$202 Million US-Kosovo* Energy Pact Launched to Boost Green Transition

The U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of Kosovo* have launched a $202 million grant to enhance Kosovo's energy sector with clean, sustainable solutions

The U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Kosovo have unveiled the MCC-Kosovo* Compact, a substantial $202 million grant initiative aimed at enhancing Kosovo’s* energy reliability through modern, clean energy solutions.

This five-year compact is designed to bolster Kosovo’s shift towards a sustainable and affordable energy future, supporting nationwide efforts to integrate renewable energy sources into the grid. The initiative also promotes gender equity by encouraging female participation in the energy sector.

Cameron Alford, MCC’s Vice President for the Department of Compact Operations, stated, “This compact is pivotal for Kosovo’s* transition to green energy, securing both the country’s energy independence and propelling socio-economic advancement. We are committed to partnering with Kosovo* to kickstart this vital phase, ensuring a sustainable and equitable energy future for all its citizens.”

A major component of the compact includes the implementation of an advanced energy storage system, which will facilitate the integration of renewable energy and reduce Kosovo’s* reliance on coal power and expensive energy imports.

President Vjosa Osmani of Kosovo* highlighted the significance of the agreement, noting, “The Entry into Force of the Kosovo* Compact marks a monumental moment for Kosovo*. This project, the largest energy investment in fifty years, not only represents innovative progress in the region but also cements the strong partnership between Kosovo* and the United States, steering us towards a prosperous and inclusive future.”

In addition to MCC’s investment, the Government of Kosovo* will contribute an extra $34.6 million to the project. This builds on the successes of the $49 million MCC-Kosovo Threshold Program completed in 2022, which enhanced energy efficiency and supported educational initiatives for women in the energy sector.

Established in 2004, the Millennium Challenge Corporation is an independent U.S. agency dedicated to reducing global poverty through economic growth. It provides strategic grants to countries that demonstrate a commitment to good governance and democratic rights.

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