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Spain Boasts Longest Life Expectancy in EU

Spain tops the European Union with the longest life expectancy, averaging 84 years, according to Eurostat data

According to Eurostat, Spain leads the European Union in life expectancy, with an average lifespan of 84 years, the highest among the EU’s 27 member states.

Spanish scientists attribute this longevity to the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and olive oil. The country’s pleasant climate and abundance of sunny days also encourage outdoor physical activities, contributing to overall well-being.

“In Mediterranean countries, we enjoy a more vibrant social life and spend more time outdoors than those in Nordic countries, which surpass us in GDP per capita,” said Manuel Anguita, President of the Spanish Society of Cardiology.

Italy and Malta follow closely behind Spain, with life expectancies of 83.8 and 83.6 years, respectively. The EU average sits at 81.5 years.

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