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Focus on Capital Projects

As the flagship enterprise and cornerstone of the Montenegrin energy sector, EPCG is dedicated to implementing an investment plan worth around 700 million euros that ensures a continuous reliable supply to all consumers

Here we discuss planned investments, the construction of new energy facilities that are primarily based on renewables, the modernisation of existing production facilities, and the company’s development vision and plans with Ivan Bulatović, new CEO of Electric Power Company of Montenegro.

We congratulate you on your appointment. Could you share with us your vision for the company?

― Thank you for offering congratulations… Our vision and plans centre around the construction new energy sources, with a focus on renewables.

They represent the future – not only for EPCG, but for Montenegro’s energy sector as a whole. The company embarked on this journey prior to my arrival. I will insist that we persevere on this path, which, I must remind you, involves implementing an investment plan worth approximately 700 million euros. There are capital projects, such as the Gvozd Wind Farm, construction of which is expected to start this year, the Komarnica Hydropower Plant, the Kruševo Hydropower Plant, the construction of new solar capacities and completion of the Solari 5000+ 70MW project.

The Montenegrin energy sector has shown its resilience and sustainability. Is it now time for a new era of growth and innovation?

― It is always time to invest in new sources of electrical energy, because we haven’t utilised even a third of total water resources. In terms of solar and wind energy, we have only just begun to exploit the immense potential. We must devote ourselves seriously to developing projects in this area if we are to become a serious player in regional terms, positioning EPCG as a so-called off-taker for the purchase of green energy from Montenegro and the region.

It is important for us to raise consumer awareness regarding energy efficiency and to highlight the importance of developing renewable energy sources, i.e., green energy

Additionally, the constructing of many new sources of electricity in Montenegro and the region provides an opportunity for EPCG to position itself as a provider of ancillary and systemic services, which would contribute to further stabilising the power system by providing very expensive balancing energy. We also mustn’t overlook the modernisation of existing production facilities, the environmental reconstruction of the thermal block at TPP Pljevlja, diverting excess water from the Zeta River to Krupac and Slano, installing Unit A8 at HPP Perućica, and a whole range of other tasks that will ensure a continued safe and reliable supply to all consumers in Montenegro.

EPCG has seriously entered into the energy transition process. What is your focus?

― We have seriously embarked on an energy transition journey with the intention of it being fair and of any potentially negative consequences of this process not being felt by the employees at TPP Pljevlja under any circumstances. We strive to provide a concrete contribution to environmental protection and the realisation of green ideas, including procuring electric vehicles for EPCG’s needs and meeting environmental standards in the operation of the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant and Coal Mine Pljevlja. We are also very keen to raise consumer awareness regarding energy efficiency and to highlight the importance of developing renewable energy sources, i.e., green energy. We are interested in innovation in the field of e-mobility, the development of a floating solar power plant on Lake Slano and projects in the field of green hydrogen. We certainly devote great attention to employee education and the digitalisation of our internal business processes. ∙

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