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Transform Waste into a Valuable Resource

Milica Uraz, CEO, Steel Impex

Thanks to constant innovations and work to improve quality over the past 15 years, Steel Impex has become the leader of Serbia’s waste recycling market

Refine, Serbia’s first industrial park for refining mixed metals, has emerged as a result of long-term planning and dedicated work over the previous three years. It has to date received investments worth five million euros, but that’s just the start.

Operations have finally been launched at the Refine industrial park, representing a project that company Steel Impex has been working on for a long time and that will change the face of what we’ve been able to do in our lands to date when it comes to metal recycling. Situated close to Belgrade, its precise location is Prva Industrijska 6, Krnješevci, Stara Pazova.

“The Refine by Steel Impex project is the fruit of long-term planning and the dedicated work of our team, with intensive work that’s been continuing for three years, from idea to implementation. This isn’t only an innovative step in the recycling industry, but also marks the setting of new standards of sustainability. We’ve so far invested five million euros in this project, but we plan to continue with further investments in the period ahead. This continuous investment demonstrates our deep commitment not only to improving the waste treatment process, but also to laying solid foundations for the future of the ecological industry. Our goal is to advance and expand our capacities continuously, in order for us to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and sustainable development,” says Steel Impex CEO Milica Uraz.

This initiative won’t only help reduce the amount of metal waste, but will also enable the production of high-quality materials (with up to 98% purity) that can be reused in production cycles, thus promoting a circular economy and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

The mixed metals refining process enables scrap vehicles, electric engines, electronics and electrical waste, aluminium caps and cans to be transformed into high-quality granulated aluminium, copper and stainless steel. The refining of metal in the recycling process includes fractions from scrap vehicles, electrical and electronics waste, aluminium caps and cans, electric engines and rotors, with the end products being granulated aluminium, copper and stainless steel with 98% purity.

It is with this in mind that we call on you to use this spring-cleaning period to get rid of everything you no longer need in order to make room for the new and simultaneously take the opportunity to transform waste into a valuable resource.

If you have larger quantities of waste containing ferrous or non-ferrous metals, call us and we’ll secure transport to Krnješevci. With Refine, every gram of metal really counts, so let’s turn this new start into lasting change together.

“Our call for you to free yourselves of everything you no longer need and transform waste into a valuable resource definitely doesn’t apply only to Serbia, but rather has regional importance. At Steel Impex, we believe that the challenges associated with waste and its transformation into a resource requires cooperation and engagement at higher levels that transcend the borders of a single country. Our strategy and operations are directed towards raising awareness and promoting the implementation of recycling practices across the Balkans. We thereby not only contribute to preserving the environment, but also encourage the region’s economic development through innovative waste management practices. Our goal is to lead the way in the promoting of recycling as a key element of sustainable operations – not only in Serbia, but also in the wider regional context,” says CEO Uraz.

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