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Albania to Deploy Drones in Anti-Cannabis Operations

Albania is set to deploy advanced drone technology in a rigorous crackdown on cannabis cultivation and other criminal activities

Albania’s Interior Minister Taulant Bala announced plans to use Bayraktar drones for nationwide surveillance, starting next week, to clamp down on the cultivation of cannabis. The drones, delivered to Albania in early March, are part of a broader effort to enhance aerial monitoring, complementing existing cooperation with Italy’s Guardia di Finanza.

Minister Bala stated that 2024 is set to be a decisive year in the fight against the cultivation and trade of cannabis, with a “devastating blow” expected to be dealt to the phenomenon. The Bayraktar drones will be employed to systematically oversee Albanian territory for signs of cannabis cultivation and other criminal activities, including environmental violations and illegal construction.

The announcement follows a year in which four tons of cannabis were seized and 293,000 cannabis plants destroyed. The drones will also be used in efforts related to the tourist season, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and enforcement across various sectors.

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