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President Xi Jinping Highlights China-Serbia Partnership for Global Peace and Development

President Xi Jinping's official visit to Belgrade underscored the strong China-Serbia partnership, reaffirming their shared commitment to global peace and development

During his official visit to Belgrade, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that the historic friendship between Serbia and China was forged through their shared struggle for global peace and development. He affirmed that China and Serbia will continue to resist hegemonism and power politics together, and that building a shared future between the two nations is a strategic choice.

The visit culminated in the signing of a Joint Statement between Xi and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, which aims to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership and build a China-Serbia community for a shared future in the new era.

Key Areas of Cooperation

1. Infrastructure, Culture, Trade, and Technology: The leaders signed 28 documents and memorandums to enhance cooperation in these areas, including a Free Trade Agreement and plans for Serbia to participate in Expo 27.

2. Youth Initiatives: The agreement includes support for 50 young Serbian scientists to conduct research in Beijing, as well as opportunities for 300 students to study in China.

3. Direct Flights and Economic Exchange: A new direct flight from Belgrade to Shanghai is set to strengthen economic and tourism links between the two nations.

4. Shared Values: Xi expressed China’s unwavering support for Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, especially regarding Kosovo, while calling for fair access and justice on the global stage.

Further Partnerships

– Agreements on Agriculture: Documents for the export of Serbian blueberries and dried plums to China, as well as the prevention and control of avian influenza, were signed.

– Space Exploration: Memoranda were exchanged for cooperation in space exploration for peaceful purposes.

– Sports and Media: Olympic committees from both nations signed a memorandum, while national media organizations agreed on news exchange and cooperation.

The visit marked the signing of 28 agreements in various fields, highlighting the unprecedented cooperation between the two countries and paving the way for stronger bilateral ties in the coming years. Special security measures were taken with the involvement of 6,600 police officers during Xi’s stay.

President Xi’s European tour concludes with a visit to Hungary.

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