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Whale Spotted in Adriatic Sea Near Mljet National Park

A whale has been sighted in the Adriatic Sea, within the channel between Polače and Trstenik, as reported by officials from Mljet National Park

Whales are a familiar sight in the Adriatic Sea, with pods frequently observed near Croatian islands. Recently, a whale was spotted in the Mljet Channel between Polače and Trstenik, prompting National Park Mljet officials to issue a public appeal. Tourists and locals are urged not to approach the marine mammal with boats and to report any sightings to aid in monitoring efforts.

Representatives from the National Park have received several reports of the sighting but have not yet identified the species. Last year, groups of whales were spotted near Vis and several fin whales near Vela Luka, underscoring the region’s significance as a habitat for diverse marine life.

Whales, which evolved from terrestrial vertebrates around 50 million years ago, now comprise about 80 different species. This recent sighting serves as a reminder of the rich biodiversity in the Adriatic and the importance of coexisting respectfully with these majestic creatures.

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