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Electrifying Alliance as Rimac Revs Up BMW’s Battery Blueprint

In a dynamic fusion of innovation and legacy, Rimac Technology has teamed up with BMW Group, setting the stage for a transformative journey in electric mobility

In a bold charge into the future of electric mobility, Rimac Technology has electrified the automotive scene with a monumental partnership with the esteemed BMW Group. This alliance is set to spark a revolution in the auto industry, as Rimac commits to developing and manufacturing high-voltage battery systems for BMW’s future fleets, earmarked for the latter half of the roaring 2020s.

Rimac, renowned for its electrifying prowess in electric drive systems, is gearing up to deliver a copious supply of advanced battery units, thus heralding a new epoch in its illustrious journey. This venture is not just a project; it’s a grandiose leap, marking the largest and most ambitious endeavour in Rimac’s history.

The plot thickens at the new Rimac Campus near Zagreb, where vast expanses will metamorphose into automated battery production lines, symbolising the firm’s hefty investment in this high-voltage partnership. The narrative of Rimac’s founder, Mate Rimac, adds a poetic twist to this saga, tracing back to his youthful venture of electrifying a 1984 BMW 3 series in his garage.

Rimac’s transition from crafting high-octane marvels for the likes of Aston Martin and Pininfarina to powering the BMW fleet signifies a pivotal shift. With the Rimac Campus as its stage, the company is set to catapult into the limelight of large-scale manufacturing, signaling a seismic shift in its operational scale and scope.

This alliance is a testament to a synergetic meld of Rimac’s innovative edge and BMW’s seasoned prowess in electrification, heralding a new chapter in premium electric mobility. As these two titans join forces, the automotive world watches with bated breath, anticipating the electrifying symphony of innovation and tradition. In this high-voltage partnership, Rimac and BMW are not just charging batteries; they’re supercharging the future.

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