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Derventa’s Robotic Waiters Serve Up a Tech-Fueled Dining Experience

In Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, artificial intelligence takes center stage in the hospitality sector, with robot waiters enhancing the dining experience

In Derventa, a pioneering town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the hospitality industry is experiencing a technological revolution, serving up a futuristic dining experience. Here, patrons are greeted by the cheerful smiles of robot waiters, an innovation that eschews the traditional expectation of tipping. 

Derventa’s restaurant scene is now animated by two robotic servers, designed not to replace human staff but to assist them, by efficiently transporting meals from kitchen to table. These mechanical maîtres d’hôtel, one of whom is affectionately named Bela, have been programmed with a local touch, offering greetings in the native tongue and signaling diners to help themselves once service is completed.

Stefan Kovačić, the brains behind this robotic hospitality, explains that Bela is designed to turn towards customers, offer a smile, and introduce herself, adding a personal touch to the automated service. This blend of technology and tradition in Derventa not only highlights the adaptive use of artificial intelligence in everyday life but also positions the town at the forefront of the global trend towards smart hospitality.

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