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Slovenia Sees Record Employment Levels in Last Decade

Slovenia has reached its highest employment level in a decade, with significant decreases in unemployment rates across the board

Slovenia has recorded the highest number of employed individuals in the past ten years, with significant reductions in unemployment figures, according to recent data. As of 2023, the total number of persons in employment reached approximately 989,000, marking the highest level in a decade.

In comparison to 2022, the number of self-employed individuals increased by 3.4% to 123,000, while the number of employees remained steady at 848,000. Unpaid family workers saw a decrease of 3.5%, bringing their numbers down to around 19,000.

The unemployment figures also showed a promising decline, with approximately 38,000 unemployed persons in 2023, a 9.0% decrease from the previous year. This reduction, however, was less steep compared to the declines observed during the years affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; a 22.5% drop from 2021 and a 27.0% from 2020.

The overall unemployment rate has fallen to 3.7%, down by 0.4 percentage points. The highest unemployment rate was among those with basic education or less, at 8.7%, while the lowest was among those with tertiary education, at 2.1%.

Conversely, the employment rate slightly dipped by 0.2 percentage points to 56.4%. This rate varied significantly by educational attainment, being the lowest at 23.5% for those with basic education or less, and the highest at 78.5% for those with tertiary education.

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