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Hungary Unveils Largest Green Hydrogen Refinery

Near Budapest, Hungary has inaugurated its largest green hydrogen refinery, setting a new standard in sustainable energy production

In Sazhalombatta, Hungary, not far from Budapest, the largest green hydrogen refinery in the region has been ceremonially launched, marking a significant milestone in sustainable energy development. The facility, with an investment of 22 million euros, is set to produce 1,600 tons of green hydrogen annually, dramatically reducing the Dunav Refinery’s harmful emissions by 25,000 tons each year.

The investment in this new plant has been made by MOL, a major player in the energy sector, with plans to replicate this green hydrogen facility in Rijeka and Bratislava. Green hydrogen, known for its environmentally neutral production process, generates no harmful emissions, making it a clean energy source. In this innovative process, water used elsewhere in the refinery is purified and then subjected to electrolysis, which separates it into hydrogen and oxygen through the application of electricity.

The resulting hydrogen is then transported back to the refinery under high pressure to be used as a green propellant in further production processes. Oxygen produced during this process is released into the atmosphere, ensuring the operation is carbon dioxide-free. The electrolysis units, boasting a capacity of 10 megawatts, have been supplied by American firm Plug Power, highlighting the global collaboration in advancing green energy technologies.

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