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Zagreb’s Historic Water Infrastructure Overhaul

Zagreb embarks on a historic overhaul of its water supply and sewage systems with the ambitious Project Zagreb

Tomislav Tomašević, the Mayor of Zagreb, has announced Project Zagreb, a transformative plan to revamp the city’s water supply and sewage systems. With a budget of 323 million euros, this initiative is not only the most extensive urban development in Zagreb’s history but also the largest urban project financed by the European Union. The project, spearheaded by the city-owned Water Supply and Drainage company (ViO), was officially submitted in response to the Ministry of Economy’s call for EU co-financing.

Project Zagreb aims to address the city’s outdated water infrastructure, some of which dates back to 1878, by expanding the water supply and drainage network, constructing a new wastewater treatment plant, and mitigating water losses and pipe breakages.


Mayor Tomašević highlighted the strategic planning and execution of the project, noting the acquisition of most construction permits and the resolution of legal property issues, demonstrating the city’s commitment to revitalizing its water services and ensuring sustainable urban development.

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