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Hitler’s Directive on Display: Historic WWII Document Exhibited in Serbia

Marking a pivotal moment in the history of the former Yugoslavia, the Museum of Genocide Victims has acquired Directive No. 25, a crucial World War II document authored by Adolf Hitler that initiated military actions against Yugoslavia and Greece

The Museum of Genocide Victims’ Director, Dejan Ristić, has been graced with an original copy of Directive No. 25 from Prime Minister Ana Brnabić. 

This pivotal historical directive, penned by German Chancellor Adolf Hitler on 27th March 1941, initiated the onslaught against the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Kingdom of Greece. This paramount document will be showcased at the National Museum of Serbia until 18th February of this year.

Destined for perpetual preservation in the Museum of Genocide Victims, this document is a treasure for future generations, as declared by the government. It stands as the inaugural public display of one of the most crucial historical records pertaining to the national history of the Serbian people and the wider region.

Now in Serbia’s custody, this document is not only a historical artifact of immense value but also a foreboding harbinger of the myriad dramatic, tragic, and valorous episodes that characterized the World War II era in the occupied territories of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The contents of this document heralded the onset of World War II throughout the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, marking a pivotal moment that began in the early morning of 6th April 1941.

With this directive, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler set in motion a series of joint military operations against the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Kingdom of Greece, thereby inaugurating four years of fierce conflicts and profound tribulations for the civilian populace, particularly impacting the Serbian community.

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