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Baupartner Completes Major Automotive Facility for Mahle in Bosnia

Baupartner, a renowned Lukavac-based construction company, has unveiled a major production and business hub for "Mahle Electric Drives Bosnia," marking one of the largest industrial projects in Bosnia

Baupartner, a construction firm based in Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has recently completed a significant project in Laktaši, constructing a facility for “Mahle Electric Drives Bosnia,” a subsidiary of the German company Mahle. The achievement was highlighted in a video release showcasing one of the largest production-business complexes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The new facility spans an impressive 30,908 square meters of interior space and 37,600 square meters of external landscaping, primarily dedicated to manufacturing in the automotive sector. Baupartner’s commitment to top-quality and efficient construction practices was evident in their meticulous approach, ensuring the building inspires productivity and innovation.

The company emphasized their comprehensive involvement in the project, handling everything from the initial design to the final ‘turnkey’ stage. The commitment of Baupartner, renowned for their construction expertise, was a pivotal factor in the project’s success.

Miroslav Bojić, the Mayor of Laktaši, previously announced that the investment in the facility neared 20 million euros, and it is expected to create over 700 jobs. This development is particularly notable for Laktaši and the region’s economic landscape.

Mahle, an established presence in Laktaši with existing production capabilities, plans to transfer all operations to this new facility. The company aims to utilize cutting-edge technology in the production of automotive parts. Mahle Electric Drives Bosnia specializes in components produced through pressing processes, brush holders, rotors, coils, stators, and EPS motors, positioning itself as a significant player in the automotive industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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