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Bosnia Pressed for Reforms by EU Ahead of Crucial Accession Talks

In a decisive call to action, European leaders have urged Bosnia to intensify reforms, setting the stage for potential EU accession negotiations and marking a pivotal moment in the nation's European integration journey

The European Commission, along with Dutch and Croatian leaders, has urged Bosnia to accelerate reforms for EU accession talks, emphasizing the urgency before the EU’s parliamentary vote in June. At a press conference in Sarajevo, they recognized Bosnia’s progress but stressed more action is needed for a favorable European Commission report in March.

Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President, lauded Bosnia’s legislative advances, linking them to a positive outcome. Bosnia, granted EU candidate status in 2022, faces a straightforward message from the European Council: start talks upon meeting compliance levels, with no shortcuts. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte reinforced the EU accession’s merit-based nature, highlighting the crucial evaluation in the upcoming weeks.

Bosnia is part of six Western Balkan countries seeking EU entry, a process accelerated by geopolitical shifts following Russia’s Ukraine invasion. The EU is offering a 6 billion euro package to foster reform in these nations, with Bosnia poised to receive 1 billion euros upon implementing necessary economic reforms. These reforms include anti-corruption, judicial reform, and rule of law enhancements. Bosnian Prime Minister Bojana Kristo has vowed to remain focused on achieving these goals.

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