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Kutina Embarks on Major Gas and Oil Drilling Project in Croatia

In the Croatian city of Kutina, located in the Sisak-Moslavina County, an ambitious project is underway

Over the next three months, Vermilion Zagreb Exploration will intensively prepare four sites for drilling natural gas and oil wells, following the granting of an exploration and exploitation license for hydrocarbons in the SA-07 research area.

This initiative marks a significant development in the region, with exploratory drilling planned at Zbjegovača-1 East, Medjurić-1 East, Piljenice-1, and Gojlo-1 South. Should these explorations yield positive results, the investor aims to equip the wells with production infrastructure, test their production capabilities, and commence full-scale operation. The local government in Kutina is optimistic, anticipating that the discovery of gas and oil could bring financial benefits to the city.

Tracing back to 1930, the Gojlo gas and oil field has been a cornerstone in Kutina’s industrial history. The city saw the establishment of the Methan d.d. soot factory in 1938, necessitating the construction of a pipeline from Gojlo to Kutina, which initiated the city’s gasification.

The exploration of oil in the Gojlo area began in 1940, backed by German capital through the company Jugopetrol. Post-World War II saw the formation of the Proizvodnja nafte Gojlo company, followed by the founding of Naftaplin in 1952. Eventually, these oil companies merged into the conglomerate INA.

Gojlo’s oil and gas resources ushered in an era of prosperity for the region, preceding even Kutina in obtaining amenities like electricity, water, gas, a cinema, and a swimming pool. The area also boasted the first industrial clinic and the establishment of Yugoslavia’s first workers’ council.

Production at the Gojlo gas and oil field continued until 1968. Today, only a few remnants and a nodding donkey in the town center remain, standing as a testament to the region’s rich oil history.

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