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Vital Agricultural Powerhouse

Agriculture is a vital sector in the Adria region, providing essential commodities for both domestic consumption and export

Despite the prominence of the energy sector, agriculture plays a crucial role in Albania, with agricultural exports to the EU constituting 66% of its total exports. Key agricultural products include fruits, vegetables, and olives, with significant contributions from companies like Agrokon and Frigo Berat.

Food production and agricultural exports play critical roles in Croatia’s economy. Companies like Podravka and Kraš lead in food production, contributing significantly to both the domestic market and exports. The country’s wine industry, with renowned producers such as Kutjevo and Istravino, also plays an important role.

Serbia boasts substantial agricultural potential, with vast arable lands and a robust food processing industry. Companies like Delta Agrar and Carnex are significant contributors, focusing on both crop production and livestock farming. The country is also renowned for its fruit production, particularly raspberries and plums, major export items. Additionally, Bambi plays a key role in the food processing sector, further strengthening Serbia’s agricultural output and food industry.

Efforts to enhance productivity and export potential in agriculture are evident in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country’s diverse climate and fertile land support various agricultural activities, including fruit and vegetable farming, dairy production, and livestock rearing. Companies such as Milkos and Vitaminka are key players in the food processing industry.

66% of Albania’s exports to the EU are agricultural products

Agriculture contributes 19% of Albania’s GDP

In 2023, 215,227 tons of corn were produced in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Of 334,226 hectares of agricultural land in North Macedonia, a little over 190,000 hectares are irrigatedna

Last year, North Macedonia exported wine worth more than 61 million dollars

Just under 2 million tons of cereals and cereal products are exported from Serbia to the global market annually

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