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“Rest of the Bashibazouk” by Paja Jovanović Arrives in Belgrade

The esteemed artwork "Rest of the Bashibazouk" by the renowned Serbian painter Paja Jovanović has safely arrived in Belgrade in impeccable condition, following its recent purchase at a Sotheby's auction in London

The Ministry of Culture of Serbia has announced the arrival of Paja Jovanović’s masterpiece “Rest of the Bashibazouk” in Belgrade, following its acquisition at a Sotheby’s auction in London. The painting, which now graces the Serbian capital, was purchased by the Belgrade City Museum in late November.

Jelena Medaković, the Director of the Belgrade City Museum, confirmed the artwork’s safe and secure arrival, emphasizing the high level of protection and conservation measures undertaken during its transport. “We have unpacked it, and it is in perfect condition, radiating its full glory and beauty,” Medaković told “Vreme” magazine.

Before the painting is put on display, a minor frame adjustment is required, described by Medaković as a “small intervention.” The museum is committed to expedite this process to ensure the artwork can be exhibited as soon as possible at the Konak of Princess Ljubica, a venue that matches the painting’s historical period and is expected to enhance the viewing experience for visitors.

The public will be informed about the exhibition date following the completion of all necessary museum procedures, making this masterwork accessible to both local and international audiences.

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