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Adriatic’s Green Voyage: Europe Backs First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Ship

A consortium led by the Lürssen Design Center Kvarner is set to revolutionize Adriatic maritime travel with the launch of a pioneering hydrogen-fueled passenger vessel, backed by significant European funding

A groundbreaking project to design and build a hydrogen-powered passenger ship for the Adriatic Sea has garnered European support, involving a consortium of 14 partners from countries like Croatia, Germany, and Norway. Spearheaded by the Lürssen Design Center Kvarner in Rijeka, a branch of the esteemed German Lürssen Group, this initiative seeks to pioneer sustainable maritime travel using hydrogen fuel technology. Dubbed the Zero-Emission Adriatic Ship (ZEAS), the project is set to make significant inroads in reducing maritime carbon emissions, with a substantial €13.5 million of its €18.9 million budget backed by the EU’s Horizon Europe program.

The ZEAS project is a collaborative effort that leverages the diverse expertise of its European partners, including the Norwegian company TECO 2030, which specializes in hydrogen fuel cell technology. This collective endeavor underscores the commitment to pioneering environmentally friendly transportation solutions within the maritime industry. The design phase, currently led by the Lürssen Design Center Kvarner, is crucial for setting the technical and operational foundations for the hydrogen-powered vessel, promising to make it one of the first of its kind in the Mediterranean.

With the technical documentation process set to last 24 months, the selection of the shipyard for construction will be determined through a competitive public tender. The project is expected to reach completion by 2028, by which time the ship will be operational, marking a landmark achievement in the adoption of green technologies in maritime transport and enhancing the Adriatic’s position as a leader in sustainable travel.

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