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Serbia Eyes Greek Ports to Boost Export Capabilities

Serbia is set to deepen economic ties with Greece, eyeing stakes in key Greek ports to support its burgeoning export ambitions, as outlined by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the Serbia-Greece Business Forum

At the recently held Serbia-Greece Business Forum in the Palace of Serbia, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic underscored the need for Serbia to acquire stakes in the ports of Thessaloniki and Piraeus. This strategic move, he explained, is pivotal to accommodating Serbia’s anticipated surge in exports, particularly in the automotive, mining, and iron sectors.

“Given our growth trajectory, especially in manufacturing and heavy industry, access to maritime ports becomes not just advantageous but essential,” Vucic remarked during the forum’s opening. He extended a warm welcome to Greek companies and financial institutions, advocating for a strengthened economic partnership between the two nations grounded in mutual respect and historical friendship.


Vucic’s call to action highlighted the potential for bilateral trade and investment, urging both Serbian and Greek businesses to explore opportunities in each other’s markets. He reminisced about the challenging times marked by non-performing loans with Greek banks but affirmed that such issues are well behind them, emphasizing the stable and inviting business environment Serbia now offers to Greek investors.

Echoing Vucic’s sentiments, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledged Serbia’s ambitious economic targets set for 2027 and expressed confidence in Greek enterprises playing a significant role in Serbia’s economic journey. “The enduring friendship between Greece and Serbia lays a strong foundation for us to elevate our economic ties significantly,” Mitsotakis said, noting the potential to expand the current trade volume of EUR 750 million.

Mitsotakis also highlighted the strategic importance of enhancing transportation corridors between Serbia and Greece via North Macedonia, which would facilitate smoother trade flows. He assured that Greece’s advancements in natural gas could support Serbia’s energy transition, reinforcing the multifaceted cooperation potential spanning energy, infrastructure, and tourism.

The discussions also touched upon collaborative ventures in the energy sector, including pipeline projects, renewable energy, and the modernization of rail and port infrastructure, underscoring the broad spectrum of opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.

As Serbia and Greece forge ahead with these initiatives, the focus on strategic infrastructure and energy partnerships not only promises to bolster their economic relations but also to contribute to the broader regional stability and connectivity in Southeast Europe.

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