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Serbian Progressive Party Triumphs in Parliamentary Elections

In a decisive outcome of the Serbian parliamentary elections, the Serbian Progressive Party, under the banner "Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia Must Not Stop", has emerged victorious. 

Based on 90.2% of the sample from CeSID/IPSOS, the party has garnered a commanding 46.3% of the vote, translating to 128 seats in the parliament.

Trailing in second place is the “Serbia Against Violence” coalition, securing 23.6% of the vote and 65 seats. The coalition led by the Socialist Party of Serbia has claimed the third spot, obtaining 6.6% of the vote, which equates to 18 seats.

The NADA coalition has also made a notable entry, achieving 4.9% of the vote and 13 seats. Additionally, “Dr Branimir Nestorović – We – The Voice of the People” list has just crossed the threshold with 4.8% of the votes, also earning 13 seats.

In the realm of minority parties, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians is expected to secure 6 seats. The coalition of the Justice and Reconciliation Party and the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina is projected to gain 3 seats. The SDA of Sulejman Ugljanin is anticipated to win 2 seats, while the lists of Šaip Kamberi and the Russian Party are each expected to secure 1 seat.

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