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Linglong Steps into Ownership of Serbia’s Belt and Road Institute

Linglong International Europe has acquired a five percent stake in the Belt and Road Institute in Serbia, signaling a shift towards greater Chinese corporate influence in the organization

Linglong International Europe, a prominent tire manufacturer with operations in Zrenjanin, Serbia, has joined the ranks of corporate stakeholders in the Belt and Road Institute, acquiring a five percent share. This move is part of a wider trend that sees the gradual reduction of Serbian state and institutional stakes in favor of increasing Chinese corporate involvement.

Established in December 2021 to bolster collaborations under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the institute emphasizes fostering connections with political, industrial, educational, and cultural institutions, especially between China and Serbia. The registration change on May 16 indicates a shift in the institute’s ownership structure, initiated by the Serbian government and now including significant Chinese business interests.

The acquisition by Linglong, which has faced scrutiny in Serbia over labor issues, marks a critical development in the ownership dynamics at the institute. Previously, major shares were held by the Serbian government, the Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Novi Sad, with recent inclusions of other Chinese companies such as Serbia Zijin Copper and Serbia Zijin Mining, each also securing five percent stakes.

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