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IT’S FINALLY HERE – The International Green Conference we’ve All Been Waiting for – SEEnergy!

The biggest B2B event on energetics in SE Europe, 15-17 MAY, 2024 (Celje Fair Plc.)

One of the largest projects since Slovenia gained its independence is the EU’s energy transition to a low-carbon society, which is drastically altering market conditions in practically every sector. It presents companies with an array of obligations, tasks, challenges, and questions. As this transition is just getting started, there are a lot of unanswered questions and not a lot of time to answer them.

The SEEnergy international conference will be held from 15-17 May 2024, at the Celje Fair, on the subject of SE Europe’s energy transition to a low-carbon society. This will provide a number of answers from foreign and domestic experts to energy-related questions raised by local communities, businesses, and large industrial concerns.


There are 10 significant sets of lectures during the three-day conference, and we have highlighted below the ones that are mostly or exclusively focused on industry and other large energy users.

A panel discussion on digitalization in the energy sector will kick off the conference. There, experts will offer strategies for lowering grid costs, which are expected to rise as a result of the new grid turnaround that takes effect on July 1st of this year.

CO2 capture and storage will be covered in the following set of lectures, which will be especially useful for companies that run installations with permits for greenhouse gas emissions as well as other companies where production processes produce CO2 emissions.

A panel discussion on hydrogen as an eco-friendly energy carrier will wrap up our first day. We will discuss the potential of hydrogen as a technology to help Europe meet its energy and climate goals, as well as the Hydrogen Valley project, which offers the North Adriatic region a historic opportunity. We will also discuss practical applications of hydrogen in industry and transportation.

We will discuss the financing of energy projects on Thursday, including the various grants and soft loans available for them as well as the self-sustaining communities that have already been put into place.

On Thursday, there will also be a panel discussion about shallow geothermal energy and heat pumps, which provide environmentally friendly options for industrial and urban heating and cooling.

Additionally, on Friday, our Minister for the Environment, Climate, and Energy, Bojan Kumer MSc, will present the updates and trends that EU Member States have implemented in their most recent NECPs (National Energy and Climate Plans), which are due by June 30 of this year, along with other energy ministers from Southeast European nations. Together with serving as the foundation for actions to be taken in the years 2030, 2040, and 2050, they serve as the goals for the EU and its member states. So, if you’re wondering what the future holds for us, you won’t want to miss this one either.


The importance of the green transition in Slovenia is reflected in the active involvement of state agencies, institutions, energy companies and other key participants in the organization of the event. SEEnergy will offer insight into the

latest developments in renewable energy sources and sustainable practices in the energy sector.


The conference will be held in the form of presentations, debates, round tables, bilateral meetings, which will be attended by environmental ministers of neighboring countries, local communities, representatives of ministries and the European Union.


Additional details about the speakers and programme are available at

the official SEEnergy website.

Do not pass up this chance!

Let us join forces to create a greener future!

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