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French Bakers Break Bread and Records with World’s Longest Baguette

French bakers have outdone themselves by crafting the world’s longest baguette, measuring a record-breaking 140.53 meters

In a crumbly coup that stretches the imagination, French bakers have kneaded their way into the history books by baking the world’s longest baguette. Measuring a whopping 140.53 meters, this elongated loaf eclipses the previous record held by Italian bakers, who stretched dough to 132.62 meters in June 2019.

Crafted in the wee hours of the morning in Suresnes, a western suburb of Paris, the bread required a special rolling oven and an abundance of French flair. As the sun rose, the bakers, armed with floury determination, turned what might have been a half-baked idea into a fully realized record.

Post-bake, the colossal carb was not just for show. Portions of the record-breaking baguette were served up to the public, while the remaining slices were generously donated to the homeless, proving that in France, even record-breaking can be a recipe for philanthropy.

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