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Reliable Partner to the Entire Region

The primary focus of Analysis lies in wholesale supply, maintenance, and servicing of analytical, process as well as general laboratory equipment. In addition to providing application support, the company also offers the services of its Laboratory for calibration and validation

Whether intended for testing, research, quality control, or process monitoring, the company’s solutions find applications in all industrial sectors, in science, and private laboratories. The company’s vision and goal are to become a strong and reliable pillar of support for every laboratory.

What’s included in everything that you offer your many users?

― Our range of products includes instruments and equipment made by the world’s leading manufacturers, with whom we have successfully cooperated since our company’s founding in 1996.

Driven by the aim of providing optimal solutions for our users’ analytical needs, we offer complete support that involves consulting in the process of selecting adequate instruments, installation, training users for successful operations, servicing and maintenance, as well as calibration and testing. Alongside this, thanks to our many years of experience and the transfer of know-how in various areas, our users also have at their disposal application support and assistance in conceiving and designing laboratories.

What’s encompassed by the application support that you offer users and what are all the services provided by your Laboratory for Calibration and Validation?

― The team at Analysis Ltd. recognised early on the need to develop and improve the service of providing users with application support. Our application team is today recognized as a reliable partner and leader in its field, thanks to knowledge acquired through work with the latest technologies.

We offer several services under the scope of our application support. Apart from consulting on the selection of the methodology and optimal laboratory equipment in accordance with the needs of users, the application team provides a service for the development and implementation of a desired analytical method. This implies developing and introducing that method into routine use in the laboratory.

In April 2021, after 25 years of successful operations, we established a subsidiary, Analysis Adria Ltd., headquartered in Ljubljana

Next comes verification or the validation of the established method, with which users are able to obtain reliable results in accordance with the prescribed requirements and consequently become competitive on the market.

On the other hand, alongside the calibrating and testing of monitoring and measuring equipment, our Laboratory for Calibration and Validation also provides consulting, training, and technical and metrological support. The Accreditation Body of Serbia has also accredited the laboratory for calibration and testing in accordance with the ISO 17025 international standard.

Analysis is a company that has a strong presence in the region. Where do you operate in the Western Balkans?

― Analysis operates in the territories of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia. In April 2021, after 25 years of successful operations, we established a subsidiary, Analysis Adria Ltd., headquartered in Ljubljana, thereby consolidating our long-term business across the region and creating new prospects for further progress. The equipment we offer has broad applications in the pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and beverage, water treatment, metallurgical, and other industrial sectors, as well as in the fields of science, forensics, and medicine – whether related to quality control, testing, research, or process monitoring.

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