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No Compromise On Quality

Hemofarm is Serbia’s largest exporter of medicines. As a member of the STADA Group, Hermofarm does business in 31 countries on three continents and has a significant regional presence, thanks to its dedicated team of over 4,000 employees in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Romania

One of Hemofarm’s strategic development goals is to constantly improve its portfolio and continuously supply the market with high-quality products of the latest generation, making them available to everyone. It plans to continue investing intensively in the development of employees and showing others through its example that it is always possible to make change for the better.

You are focused on the production of high-quality, available and safe medicines. Could it be said that there is no compromise in this regard? Which pharmacotherapeutic groups represent the primary focus of your portfolio?

― There can never be compromise when it comes to quality. One of the strategic goals of the development of Hemofarm is the constant improvement of the portfolio and the continuous supplying of the market with high-quality products of the latest generation, which are available to everyone. sell products in 13 (of 14) pharmacotherapeutic groups according to ATC classification. We take great pride in placing a lot of products on the market, around 20 to 30 per year, because we always strive to renew our portfolio and provide better therapies in areas that are not common diseases.

We take great pride in placing a lot of products on the market, around 20 to 30 per year, because we always strive to provide better therapies in areas that are not common diseases

Together with Roche, we have placed several new drugs on the market in 2023 alone, including a drug for multiple sclerosis, which effects 10,000 people in Serbia, and a new flu antiviral product. It’s important to take care of smaller patient groups, and we are proud to contribute in this regard. It is part of our culture, our DNA; it is who we are.

A total of 407.3 million euros has been invested since the 2006 acquisition of the company, but you aren’t stopping there… You have continued investing in people, processes, innovations in production processes and expansion of the portfolio to include the latest medicines.

― STADA Group has a business tradition dating back more than a century. Don’t forget that STADA is one of the largest German investors in Serbia. The best indicator of how important the Serbian market is for STADA Group is the investment of almost 450 million euros, which is how much has been invested in Hemofarm to date. Serbia and the entire Western Balkan region represents a very promising market for us, which is why we constantly strive to improve our business and strengthen our leadership position. We are on quite an exciting growth trajectory at this moment, and we are really committed to continuing with this for the years to come. Our plan is to continue to invest intensively in the development of our employees and to show others by our example that changes for the better are always possible.

Following a successful 2022, you entered 2023 with an ambitious plan to produce 315 million packages of finished products, which would represent a new production record. Are you competing with yourself?

― When it comes to 2023, we are again expecting double digit growth, as we are for next year. It is always a little challenging to grow when you are the market leader, but we do still like challenges. We have been breaking our own business records year after year, precisely as a result of our continuous investments.

Hemofarm is a modern organisation with high standards that are comparable to any developed company in Germany or around the world. We are the proof that you can do business successfully in Serbia, of course under conditions that apply to any business anywhere in the world.

You recently announced new projects that will render your production site large by international parameters. How much is the investment you’re planning worth and which areas will you invest in the most?

― You will see a lot of projects that we are preparing at this very moment for 2024 and beyond, which will bring Hemofarm to the size of a mega production site, even in international terms. The investment amount is close to 100 million euros, and that sum will be invested in the area that will secure constant supplies. And, again, this investment is part of our obligation and dedication to a secure supply chain going forward.

The Hemofarm Foundation is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary, having implemented more than 2,300 activities worth approximately 14 million euros over the course of the last three decades. Could you highlight a few of the numerous projects and campaigns?

― Ever since its establishment, Hemofarm Foundation has been caring for peoples’ health and quality of life. We have provided aid to hospitals, launched projects, campaigns and activities related to health, invested in education and culture. We have fought against the prejudices associated with organ donation and mental health, because there is no compromise when it comes to fighting for life. We share a vision of humanity and solidarity. The impact of our work can be great and can change lives.

You will see a lot of projects that we are currently preparing for 2024 and beyond, which will bring Hemofarm to the size of a mega production site, even in international terms

We have therefore learned to think about tomorrow. What we do today will impact the lives of our children. Our success brings them a better future. ‘The next generation’ is our motto. And Hemofarm Foundation is here to involve all our employees, our partners and the entire society in doing good deeds for the generations yet to come.

While we’re on the topic of anniversaries, it is worth mentioning that this year you have commemorated two decades since the establishment of the Banja Luka factory for the production of solid dosage forms. Are you satisfied with conditions for doing business on the Bosnia-Herzegovina market?

― I think the Hemofarm Banja Luka team deserves all the praise. They contribute greatly to the achieving of our purpose – to take care of people’s health as a reliable partner. I am not at all surprised by the results they have achieved over the past 20 years. This success is the result of the commitment and engagement of our colleagues in Banja Luka and throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the partnerships we build carefully with everyone: doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, pharmacies, regulatory bodies and state authorities, the media and many others.

Medicines produced in Banja Luka are nowadays used by our satisfied customers all over the world. I have been here in the region for a long time, and I know that the label ‘Made in Germany’ is often synonymous with quality. When I’m in Germany and I see my friends using STADA products or if I go to the pharmacy I can’t help but look to see if they come from one of our production facilities in the region. That is often the case, which is why Hemofarm is synonymous with quality everywhere.

Sustainability Partner

Hemofarm recently presented its unique STADA EXPO multimedia platform dedicated to sustainable development, with the launch of STADA EXPO having taken place in Vršac. What are your first impressions?
— STADA EXPO was created to offer visitors an all-embracing experience of what sustainable development is and what it means when a pharmaceutical company cares about the future. We want to motivate everyone to take, together with us, the first step towards that change. Hemofarm has been working on sustainability for more than a decade and we are ready to be a partner to everybody on that path. And that is what we want to achieve with STADA EXPO – inviting as many people as possible to join us in building a better world.

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