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Playing A Pivotal And Profound Role

As a global pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1849 and has a rich history of bringing innovative therapies to patients worldwide, Pfizer strives to set the standard for quality, safety and values in the discovery, development and production of healthcare products

We remain optimistic about prospects in the Adriatic region, and we are committed to investing and partnering with local stakeholders to foster an environment conducive to pharmaceutical innovation and to contribute to advancing healthcare for patients across the region,” announces Pfizer’s country manager for the Adriatic region.

Your company is constantly on the hunt for innovative therapies. Do you believe that science always wins?

― Guided by our purpose of “breakthroughs that change patients’ lives”, Pfizer is committed to discovering, developing and manufacturing medicines and vaccines that extend and improve people’s lives.

From the lens of an innovative multinational biopharmaceutical company, such as Pfizer, our role in the global health landscape is both pivotal and profound. As architects of medical innovation, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare, aiming to improve quality of life for millions worldwide.

We live our purpose by sourcing the best science in the world, partnering with others in the healthcare system to improve access to our medicines, always believing that science will win.

Are you satisfied with the availability of Pfizer’s innovative medicines in the countries of our region?

― We are today reaching more patients than ever before – in 2022 alone, more than 1.3 billion patients around the world were treated with our medicines and vaccines. From operations to product creation, innovative digital techniques and technologies are at the heart of Pfizer’s advancement as a company. These cutting-edge features are revolutionising therapeutic development, leading to improved patient outcomes and greater accessibility to affordable healthcare for everyone. Our focus is on overcoming barriers related to affordability and availability. We are devoted to making our transformative solutions reachable to every individual, catering to the diverse needs across the region.

We are today reaching more patients than ever before – in 2022 alone, more than 1.3 billion patients around the world were treated with our medicines and vaccines

Meeting the needs of our patients depends on factors that emphasise the importance of collaboration. As Pfizer, we strive to maintain partnerships with governments to gain better insight into projected patient numbers, as well as to exchange experiences and international best practices in legislative and administrative frameworks on conducting clinical studies and other areas related to drug development and market availability.

You signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Serbia that serves to confirm your partnership on the development of biomedicine and biotechnology with the construction of the BIO4 Campus. How important is this development for Serbia and the region?

― Pfizer has been engaged in significant undertakings within the region. The Adriatic region, with its diverse market conditions and regulatory landscapes, offers varied opportunities for pharmaceutical innovation and investment. The Campus is designed to represent a recognisable point on the global map of development in the fields of biomedicine, bioinformatics, biotechnology and biodiversity, and as such aims to gather experts and renowned companies from these fields as collaborators and partners. The announcement of this project further highlights Serbia’s unwavering commitment to innovation, which is why Serbia has become an attractive investment destination for Pfizer. Our latest project involves investing more than €100 million to expand Pfizer’s manufacturing site in Croatia. This expansion will enable us to provide lifesaving treatments for rare diseases to more than 50 nations across the globe.

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