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Rapid Growth Continuing

One of Ananas’s most significant achievements is the opening of the most modern e-fulfilment centre in this part of Europe, and a third of the approximately 1,100 retailers with whom we collaborate hold their products in our warehouse

Ananas currently operates in Serbia and North Macedonia, while it plans to expand into Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the third quarter of this year, thus further cementing its position as a leader of the regional e-commerce market.

Ananas E-Commerce has officially opened the first specialised e-fulfilment centre, spanning an impressive 10,000 square metres at a location just outside Belgrade. The Ananas warehouse adheres to high international standards, with modern technical solutions that enable the efficient and secure storage of goods. The warehouse covers four floors and features the Pick Tower system (multi-storey storage) and a 700-metre- long conveyor belt that allows for goods to be moved to any position in the warehouse.

“With the opening of the first e-fulfilment centre of its kind in Serbia and the most modern such centre in this part of Europe, we confirm our readiness to elevate Ananas to an even higher level and continue its rapid growth in all segments of our business ecosystem,” said Ananas E-Commerce CEO Marko Carević.

The Ananas warehouse adheres to high international standards and uses modern technical solutions to enable the efficient and secure storage of goods

This storage system increases productivity by up to 40%, while reducing order preparation times significantly. The Ananas e-fulfilment centre stands out thanks to its unique principle of storing goods of the same type in different positions, specially designed packaging points, and five exits to courier services.

A new software solution has been developed to optimise and manage daily operational needs at the warehouse, such as inventory tracking, receiving and dispatching goods, space optimisation and employee coordination. Additionally, this warehouse is fully integrated with the ‘ananas. rs’ platform and, at full capacity, can prepare up to 65,000 shipments daily, with all operations being environmentally sustainable. It is thanks to all of this that Ananas is now initiating deliveries to end customers from its e-fulfilment centre the day after an order is placed for 97% of orders.

“Market changes demand increasing agility from companies and a dedication to consumer needs. Increasing productivity and process efficiency, as well as adopting global e-commerce standards in the context of strong global competition, are prerequisites for market success,” said Mihailo Vesović, Director of the Sector for Strategic Analyses, Services and Internationalisation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, highlighting the importance of such initiatives for the development of Serbia’s e-commerce ecosystem.

Over half a million items are already available from the online shopping centre. More than 1,100 retailers sell their products through Ananas, with a third of them currently utilising the services of the e-fulfilment centre.

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