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Inside Idea-CG’s Market Leadership

Idea-CG has firmly established itself as the most widespread retail chain in Montenegro and the country’s largest employer, bolstered by its April 2021 integration into the Fortenova Group and the strategic acquisition of “Franca” retail outlets. This growth has expanded Idea-CG’s market presence and enhanced its ability to deliver a top-tier service and high-quality products to a broad customer base

We consistently track market trends and refine our offers based on consumer feedback,” says Jelena Doderović, underscoring the commitment of employees who approach their work with exceptional passion and dedication.

How do you become the first choice for consumers who expect availability, a top-notch service and a carefully selected assortment of fresh, healthy and local products?

― A rich assortment, diverse offers, product quality and competitive prices are characteristics for which we are known. We additionally strive to provide consumers with a unique shopping experience, thanks to our employees who perform their jobs with great love and effort.

We are proud of the “Fair with the Consumer” certificate that we received from the Consumer Protection Centre (CAZAP), as it indicates that our company offers added value in consumer protection, providing them with security and increasing trust. Our “Super Card” loyalty programme also allows consumers to achieve great savings and accumulate cashback. I believe the key to success lies in good synchronisation and the joint action of all of these factors.

What is it like to be part of the team that’s driving one of the country’s most successful companies?

― Being part of the largest employer team in Montenegro is an honour and a responsibility. We take pride in our employees’ team spirit and dedication, which form the backbone of our success. Our integration into the Fortenova Group has opened doors to the region’s best practices and innovations, enhancing our operations.

Our integration into the Fortenova Group has opened doors to the region’s best practices and innovations

We recently received the ‘Best Places to Work’ certificate, which testifies to our commitment to improving working conditions. We this year invested €4.2 million in this area. We are confident that our continuous efforts will justify the trust of both our consumers and employees.

Idea-CG is recognised for numerous socially responsible activities. Which activities would you single out?

― Sustainable business is a priority and part of our strategy. We are recognised as a reliable partner of state institutions, non-governmental organisations, associations and individuals. Our company was the recipient of the “Iskra” philanthropy award for 2023, which recognises support for children and youth granted by the Fund for Active Citizenship. This award acknowledges socially responsible activities that improve the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities, raise environmental awareness and support youth social entrepreneurship.

Our commitment to children and youth is not just a business strategy; we believe that investing in future generations is crucial to sustainable development. Furthermore, we encourage equal opportunities for all and have recently launched a competition to finance NGO projects in the field of gender equality, focusing on women in the economy. We also engage in humanitarian activities, promote sports and healthy lifestyles, and support sporting events and activities aimed at the elderly… The range of activities is broad and not easy to summarise, but the message is clear: every change we make today lights the way to a better tomorrow.

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