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Slovenia Nominates Tomaž Vesel for EU Commissioner Role

Tomaž Vesel, the seasoned former president of Slovenia's Court of Audit, has been put forward as the nation's candidate for European commissioner, marking a significant political development

In a strategic political move, Tomaž Vesel, the 56-year-old former president of Slovenia’s Court of Audit, has been nominated as the country’s candidate for European commissioner. The nomination was put forward by the ruling Freedom Movement party and is expected to receive the necessary government endorsement, thanks to its majority in the coalition.

Prime Minister Robert Golob, head of the Freedom Movement, lauded Vesel as a knowledgeable and courageous figure, referencing his confrontations with the previous right-wing government. Golob emphasized the importance of Slovenia’s active participation in Brussels and heralded Vesel as a testament to the country’s potential influence.

Vesel, expressing gratitude for the nomination, pledged to dedicate his efforts to the betterment of Slovenia and the European Union, distancing himself from any notion of personal gain.

The announcement was somewhat unexpected, especially since the Freedom Movement has not yet completed its list for the upcoming EU elections. This revelation comes shortly after reports that Marta Kos, a former prominent member of the party, declined an offer that included the commissioner position.

Vesel revealed ongoing discussions with Golob about his candidacy and expressed interest in portfolios related to finance, competition, and democracy.

While Vesel has yet to formally engage with the coalition’s junior parties, the dominance of the Freedom Movement in the government suggests his eventual endorsement as the coalition’s candidate is likely. However, this early announcement took some coalition partners by surprise, with calls for a collective decision-making process reflecting the broader democratic will, particularly in light of the forthcoming EU elections.

With a legal background and a history of public service, including a significant tenure at the Court of Audit, Vesel’s candidacy represents a seasoned choice for the European Commission, hinting at Slovenia’s strategic positioning within EU politics.

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