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Mostar Takes Action to Preserve UNESCO Heritage Status

In a proactive move to safeguard its UNESCO World Heritage designation, the city of Mostar is set to introduce tourist counters in its historic core and enact comprehensive changes in its management plan

The initiative, a collaboration with UNESCO, aims to address numerous irregularities threatening the area’s heritage status.

Elvira Dilberović, the acting director of the Mostar Tourist Board, disclosed that an urgent revision of the management plan is underway following discussions with UNESCO representatives. The expired plan, crucial for maintaining the area’s World Heritage listing, will undergo significant updates to rectify issues like improperly installed air conditioning units, unauthorized construction, and unsuitable advertising and waste disposal methods.

The revised plan will clearly define permissible activities in the historic area, ensuring that only approved structures, like certain awnings in collaboration with the city, remain. Efforts are also being made to standardize these elements across the board.

Mostar Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Addressing the long-standing issue of waste management, the city plans to introduce aesthetically suitable trash bins and enhance waste collection services, especially during peak summer temperatures. A temporary solution involves more frequent waste collection from eateries to avoid unsightly and unsanitary accumulation in containers.

Dilberović stressed the importance of adhering to these regulations, as failure to do so could result in Mostar being removed from the UNESCO list, a significant blow to a city heavily reliant on tourism.

Additional safety measures, including the installation of cameras and tourist counters similar to those in Dubrovnik, are planned to monitor visitor numbers and ensure evacuation capacity compliance. This data will be integral to the management plan, being developed jointly by the Mostar Tourist Board, the city, UNESCO, and the Old Town Agency.

The city is also encouraging local accommodation providers to officially register their guests, enhancing revenue collection that will be reinvested into tourism development and improvement.

These measures highlight Mostar’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and ensuring the sustainable growth of its tourism sector, essential for the city’s economic vitality and heritage conservation.

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