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Bingo City Center Ilidža Reopens After €5.1 Million Revamp

The Bingo City Center in Ilidža has recently reopened, boasting extensive renovations totaling over €5.1 million (10 million KM)

In a notable development for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s retail landscape, the Bingo City Center Ilidža officially opened today after comprehensive renovations. The suburb of Sarajevo, Ilidža, now boasts a modern shopping centre, enhancing the retail experience for local residents as well as for visitors from other municipalities and tourists. Following the acquisition of the Grand Centar Ilidža by Bingo, the nation’s largest domestic retail chain, in August last year, the facility has seen significant upgrades.

The renovation involved an investment of over €5.1 million (10 million KM), including a full revamp of the interior, with plans to update the exterior facade in the upcoming months. The centre now features state-of-the-art heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, highlighting Bingo’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Tatjana Paunoski, representing Bingo, remarked that the investment has transformed the centre into a Bingo City Center Ilidža, offering not just shopping but also a venue for socializing, entertainment, and various community events. Edin Tinjak, manager of BCC Ilidža, emphasized the centre’s advantageous location near hotels and tourist spots, anticipating it will continue to attract numerous visitors who can now enjoy a more comfortable and exclusive setting.

The newly revamped Bingo City Center spans 26,000 square meters, provides 260 parking spaces, and will soon feature a children’s play area larger than 300 square meters. The opening ceremony featured a ribbon-cutting event and a host of exciting activities and special offers, underscoring the centre’s role as a pivotal shopping destination in the region.

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