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Slovenia Breaks into the Top Ten of the World’s Most Peaceful Countries

In the latest Global Peace Index rankings for 2024, Slovenia has emerged as one of the top ten most peaceful nations, joining the ranks of some of the most tranquil and stable countries on the planet

This prestigious list, which assesses stability and tranquillity worldwide, has been topped by Iceland for the sixteenth consecutive year, maintaining its long-standing reputation as the globe’s most peaceful country.

The index, which evaluates nations based on 23 different criteria including political stability, terrorist activity, and military expenditure, reveals a world craving peace amid increasing global conflicts—the most since the Second World War. Yet, amidst these turbulent times, countries like Slovenia are beacons of calm, boasting low levels of violence and high political stability.

 Reykjavik, Iceland

Europe continues to dominate the list, claiming seven of the top ten spots with nations like Ireland and Austria clinching the second and third positions, respectively, due to their low displacement and violent demonstration rates. Beyond Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia represent the non-European countries that have made it to this elite list, showcasing their commitment to societal tranquility and security.

For Slovenia, this ranking is a significant acknowledgment of its efforts to maintain peace and safety within its borders, further establishing it as a prime example of stability and peace in an increasingly chaotic world.

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