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Russia Opens New Diplomatic Office in Banja Luka

Russia Establishes New Diplomatic Office in Banja Luka, Strengthening Ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Russia has inaugurated an embassy office in Banja Luka, deepening its diplomatic presence within Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically in the Republika Srpska entity. 

The ceremony was marked by traditional diplomatic formalities, including the singing of the Russian national anthem and the hoisting of the national flag on a six-meter flagpole.

The opening was officiated by Igor Kalabuhov, the Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska. The event also featured a virtual address from Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, underscoring the significance Moscow places on its relations with Republika Srpska.

This new diplomatic branch, which complements the main Russian Embassy in Sarajevo, signifies Russia’s strategic interest in bolstering ties with Banja Luka, joining other nations that have established their presence in the city. The initiative, approved by the Russian Government in May 2022, is seen as a move to enhance cooperation and influence in the region.

The celebration of the office’s opening coincides with Russia Day on June 12, with a formal reception scheduled at the “Bosna” hotel in Banja Luka, hosted by Ambassador Kalabuhov. This development reflects the ongoing geopolitical dynamics in the Balkans, where diplomatic engagements continue to play a pivotal role.

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