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Money Museum Opens in Zagreb

Croatia's central bank has opened Moneterra, a new Money Museum in Zagreb, aimed at enhancing financial literacy and offering a modern, engaging education on the history and role of money

In a significant cultural and educational development, Boris Vujčić, the Governor of the Croatian National Bank (HNB), inaugurated Moneterra—the Croatian National Bank’s Money Museum—at Ban Centre on European Square in central Zagreb.

Governor Vujčić underscored the museum’s importance, stating that Moneterra not only aligns Croatia with other nations’ central banks but also serves as a modern, engaging educational hub about the history of money, banking, and the roles of central banks. Emphasizing financial literacy, he noted, “Moneterra is designed to provide a simple, modern, and engaging education on these subjects.”

Moneterra, whose name blends “moneta” (money) and “terra” (land), aims to educate people of all ages about the financial world and its everyday importance. The opening ceremony saw over 200 guests from various sectors, including economics, science, education, culture, politics, diplomacy, finance, and business.

Deputy Governor Sandra Švaljek added that Moneterra will offer insights into the history, use, and role of money through exhibits, videos, and interactive games, covering topics like personal finance, banking, monetary policy, and the functions of central banks. She highlighted that admission to Moneterra will be free, ensuring accessibility for all.

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