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Able To Solve The Problems Of Each Client

We consider the entire region as a local market, as we have excellent familiarity with the region and a good understanding of the tax and legal systems, but also the needs of clients. Led by an interdisciplinary approach, we are able to solve each of their problems.

In general, when dealing with clients’ needs, we follow two approaches: an interdisciplinary approach and an international approach.

By taking interdisciplinary approach to tackling clients’ needs, we involve team members from different service areas and work collaboratively, with a common purpose, to meet the needs of clients and make decisions, as opposed to following a multidisciplinary approach that would involve teams working independently without taking care of their interactions and the result that such an approach may have on the common goal. The second approach we follow is an international approach, in which we also strive to consider the international tax and legal aspects of our clients’ operations with the assistance of our offices in other countries. As such, this interdisciplinary and international approach represents our competitive edge over the competition.

Our interdisciplinary and international approach represents our competitive edge over the competition

The majority of our clients are today focused on business innovation and optimisation. Tax and financial consulting services are currently in the process of transformation through the use of various IT tools, mainly involving the automation (RPA) and digitalisation of certain processes. These tend to have the aim of shortening certain processes of collecting and inputting data and securing additional controls, while also enabling a shift from various manual operations to data analysis and tax/financial consulting services.

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