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We Represent A “One- Stop Shop” For Our Clients

LeitnerLeitner generally provides services in all areas of tax law, accounting, payroll & global mobility, financial advisory and audit services in Slovenia.

At the same time, we also offer legal services (focusing on business law) within the scope of LeitnerLaw. Accordingly, we represent a “onestop shop” for our clients, which include small and medium-sized enterprises, family-owned business and, of course, corporations. Our client base also encompasses private clients, including high-net-worth individuals.

Prior to its EU accession, Slovenia had already harmonised its legislation with EU law, apart from in areas where certain exceptions and transition periods had been agreed during accession negotiations. After completing the accession process, Slovenia became a full member of the EU on 1st May 2004. In this respect, I would say that Slovenia has acquired considerable experience over the last 30 years of its political and economic transition towards becoming a competitive European economy, as well as amassing substantial experience within the EU, given its almost 20 years as full member of the EU. This could serve as one of the greatest advantages for Slovenia.

I would say that we primarily advanced the most with respect to the development of legislation in the area of tax and audit, on the one hand, and also, on the other hand, with respect to the development of a court case law practice via the court decisions made with regard to EU legislation.

The fact that LeitnerLeitner is a member of the Taxand network and the Praxity alliance eases our work and enables us to provide the best services to our clients at the global level. Taxand is the world’s largest independent tax organisation, with more than 700 tax partners and over 3,000 tax advisors in 48 countries. We can thus access advice from our support in most countries whenever needed, in order to deliver tailored, practical local and international tax advice. A similar ability applies when it comes to the Praxity alliance, which provides the best solutions for companies to achieve their goals through seamless collaboration within a global alliance of leading independent business advisors.

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