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Zagreb’s Advent Season Begins with a Message of Hope and Unity

The Advent season in Zagreb was inaugurated in a ceremonial manner on Saturday with the lighting of the first Advent candle at Manduševac. 

The event was graced by Zagreb’s Mayor Tomislav Tomašević and the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac.

Mayor Tomašević conveyed a heartfelt message, stating, “The first Advent candle symbolises hope, while the other three represent peace, joy, and love. I aspire for Zagreb to be a city of hope, offering solace to all those who have sought refuge here.” 

He further expressed his desire for Zagreb to be a haven of peace, where everyone, regardless of their origin, feels free from prejudice and can build a life in tranquility. Additionally, he envisioned Zagreb as a city of joy, where all individuals can rejoice without facing any belittlement or undervaluation.

“Moreover, I wish for Zagreb to embody love – love for one’s neighbor, families, and friends, as well as for all the citizens of our city. In every action we take, let this sentiment of love be palpable. Love is not just spoken about; it is demonstrated through deeds. In this Advent season, I hope Zagreb will become even more a city of love,” proclaimed Tomašević. He concluded by extending a warm welcome to all visitors to the Advent celebrations, wishing them to feel at home in Zagreb.

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