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Slovenian and German Researchers Develop Innovative Vaccine Delivery Method

Slovenian and German researchers have developed a groundbreaking mucoadhesive film for vaccine delivery, offering enhanced protection against respiratory infections

Slovenian researchers, in collaboration with their German counterparts, have developed a novel method for vaccine delivery using a mucoadhesive film that adheres to the cheek’s mucous membrane. This method promises enhanced protection against respiratory infections compared to traditional techniques, though further testing is required. The film, consisting of a mucoadhesive layer containing the vaccine and a protective cellulose layer, allows the vaccine to pass through the mucous membrane to immune system cells, triggering a robust immune response.

According to the Chemistry Institute, this delivery method takes advantage of the cheek mucous membrane’s easy access and abundance of immune cells, which are crucial for initiating innate and acquired immune responses. The film is versatile and can deliver various vaccines, including plasmid DNA, vector vaccines, and modern mRNA-based vaccines. Researchers have demonstrated that this method elicits strong local and systemic immune responses in mice and induces the production of mucosal IgAs, which are vital for neutralising pathogens on the respiratory tract’s surface.

This innovative approach could be particularly beneficial for booster shots, offering a less invasive alternative that might appeal to individuals hesitant about needles. It holds significant potential for improving mucosal immunity against respiratory infections like Covid-19, potentially preventing early-stage infections and reducing disease transmission.

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