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First-Ever Croatian Film to Air on BBC: UK Rights Secured for ‘Pavilion 6’ 

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) has announced a landmark deal with the BBC and production company Petnaesta umjetnost for the broadcasting rights of the feature-length documentary “Pavilion 6” in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Directed by Goran Devic and produced by Hrvoje Osvadic, the film offers an insightful glimpse into the mass vaccination efforts at Zagreb Velesajam during the pandemic.

“Pavilion 6” is distinguished by its intimate portrayal of the pandemic, capturing candid conversations among those in the vaccine queues. The film navigates through the waiting lines, vaccination areas, and waiting rooms, spotlighting the interactions between the public, medical staff, security, and other personnel.

Described as an observational film, “Pavilion 6” delves into the disorientation and skepticism prevalent during the pandemic. It’s seen as a form of collective therapy for the post-COVID era, blending humor with human elements to document a pivotal moment in history. The film underscores the changes brought about by the pandemic, marking a clear distinction between the world before and after its onset.

BBC Storyville editor Lucie Kon praised “Pavilion 6” as a standout Eastern European film that aligns with BBC’s content standards. Despite its serious subject matter and distinctive authorial style, the film is commended for its universal appeal and effective communication with a wide audience.

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