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Croatia’s Untapped Potential: Geothermal Energy in Velika Gorica

Despite Croatia's wealth in underground water reserves and its significant potential, the country has yet to fully harness geothermal energy. 

This scenario is set to change soon, with Velika Gorica poised to be among the first cities to utilize geothermal water, reducing heating bills and enhancing energy independence.

Vibro trucks working in the fields around Velika Gorica have completed their task after nearly 12 months. Their goal was to confirm the presence of geothermal pools beneath the city. The next step is obtaining a location permit for excavation.

Martina Tuschl, Director of the Geothermal Energy Sector at the Hydrocarbon Agency, explained, “This is an exploratory geothermal drilling. We aim to determine the geothermal potential in Velika Gorica, focusing on temperature and flow, the key parameters defining the strength of geothermal energy for use.”

Estimates suggest large reserves of hot water at depths up to 3000 meters, partially based on former investigations by INA in their search for gas, which incidentally revealed these hot water sources.

Velika Gorica’s established central heating system makes the implementation of a geothermal plant faster and more cost-effective, boosting the energy stability of the local community.

Tuschl added, “The assumption is that costs would decrease, especially since this will be financed by the European Union, through NPOs. The major expense in geothermal energy is the drilling.”

In addition to Velika Gorica, many large private companies, seeing potential for progress, have shown interest in the project. Once the necessary documentation and tenders are arranged, work is expected to start in October next year. If progress continues at this pace, Velika Gorica could be heated by renewable energy sources by 2027.

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